Creation of Color Me In

Color Me In recording concept came from wanting to have Steve Albini record Michael Amend's vocals to music with lyrics that had already previously been waiting to be produced. Albini only does projects, he does from start to finish and doesn't work with digital; only analog.  That was the main reason why I wanted to record with him.

After making contact with Albini we then contacted Ben Brodin, sound engineer, musician and producer in Omaha, NE. at ARC studios about collaborating on songs for the record. I contracted him to write the music for 6 songs. I gave him the titles, and the feel I was going for with the sound.  After he wrote the music we put the lyrics with them before heading to the studio to record.  This was the first introduction of the lyrics and music together.  When it was time to record Brodin met in Chicago and recorded instruments for the whole album in two days at  Steve Albini's studio Electrical Audio in Chicago. Vocals were all recorded the last day.

The song Color Me In is about bullying by one person to another in a relationship, to never let the person feel like they have equal worth. That their plans and dreams are insignificant and the other person should be their existence. Along with excepting the physical abuse as a result of trying to stand up for themselves.