Bring out the Cats


Joining a list from A to Z of some of the biggest acts in Rock-n-Roll’s storied history, Lincoln, Nebraska-based Rock group CatsMelvin has had their song “Wrong Side” licensed and released by online gaming giant Rock Band Network. Through the use of games, songs, leaderboards, battles and forums, Rock Band Network provides exposure to millions of new potential fans via online sales as a valuable and viable distribution platform.

CatsMelvin, created by lyricist and vocalist Michael Amend, is an ever changing and evolving musical group. CatsMelvin continues creating the
sound by regularly touring, inviting sounds and creativity by featuring special guest musicians on various instruments. Michael's vision is to bring the music of CatsMelvin to a variety of people.

The name CatsMelvin comes from Michael Amend’s creative collaboration with long time friend Kelly Green and Michael's former band, Garth Melvin. “Cats” was added after a comment from a bartender in Dallas who used to hang with Hank Williams III, he taught her how to bend cowboy hats which she fashioned for several famous people including Elton John and Lisa Marie Presley. She referred to Michael's musicians as “Cats” the night they played at her club, as Michael recalls "Do you Cats want some absinthe?"